Ceramics of Japan Tour

Our Japan Ceramics Tour from October 8 – 18, 2017 is designed for enthusiasts, potters and anyone interested in the art of Japan.  On this journey we’ll discover the beauty of both the lush countryside and the incredible ceramics of Japan.  Joining our Japan-based art and ceramics expert and guide, Keiko Kamei, your guide, will be guest lecturer Robert Yellin, one of the foremost experts on Japanese Ceramics.  With such a talented team you’ll return home with an education in ceramics, from mingei pottery to high-fired, low-fired, glazed and unglazed yakishime.

From our base in Kyoto we’ll visit the great pottery centers of Shigaraki, Bizen and Tamba to explore the unique styles of each and learn about both traditional and contemporary ceramics.   Throughout the Japan ceramics tour we will have many opportunities to be guests in potter’s studios, where we will hear about their lives and their art.  We will also get to see the work of other craftsman in Kyoto and to enjoy the mastery of these artists. We’ll visit small towns full of artisans still working with traditional materials in both ancient and innovative ways. 


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