Garden Master

Cultural Experience

This recently restored sub-temple has been a part of the Tenryu-ji Monastery complex for a couple hundred years. After showing you the mossy stroll garden and chatting about the garden’s recent renovation, our old friend and today’s host will take you the inside of the villa. The 200-year old structure is an exceptional example of highly refined and inventive, site-specific, sukiya-style carpentry. Because of its delicate construction, the villa is not open to the public, but we have been able to obtain special permission for you to enter. Our friend, a retired landscape architect trained in western-style site planning as well as a licensed master Japanese gardener, will speak about different techniques used in the construction and maintenance.

  • Location: Private villa in Arashiyama area
  • Cultural Experience: Meet the garden master and landscape architect who helped restore this property to its Edo period splendor
  • Suggested for: Garden enthusiasts, architects