Budo Center

Cultural Experience

Observe adult classes such as kendo (using bamboo swords), kyudo (traditional archery), iaido sword practice (using real swords) and aikido. The kendo class takes places in the huge traditional martial arts hall with dark wooden beams and massive swinging doors. All participants wear traditional helmet masks and indigo coats and
trousers. Kendo is noted for bravado and rapid, vigorous movement and the hall is filled with the enthusiastic voices of the students’ kiai (stylized martial arts shouting.) By contrast, the kyudo class
next door is extremely quiet and focused. The aikido classes are very lively, with many varied movements while the iaido class is a quiet yet visually dramatic study in the use of traditional Japanese katana

  • Location: eastern Kyoto
  • Cultural Experience: Watch practitioners of Japanese martial arts hone their skills.
  • Suggested for: Families, History buffs, Martial arts enthusiasts