A Special Thanks

President's Note

Many of Esprit’s website photos have been provided by former tour members, independent travelers and staff. Over the years, we have had the privilege of access to their best works and we are grateful for their willingness to share their beautiful photos with us and, in the end, with you.

The photo you see to the right is especially precious to us. Over 20 years ago it was taken by an Esprit staff member who has since passed away. It is a lasting tribute to the beauty, simplicity and spiritual essence of what we try to provide in our Japan experiences.

With this new website, we’ve availed ourselves of even more of their splendid pictures of the places you want to go and the experiences you would like to have.

It would be virtually impossible to thank each person individually, however, below we have provided an image gallery with a selected image, representative of life in Japan, from some of our more prolific contributors.  Throughout the site, when you engage the photo album option, you will also see their name credits listed at the end of the photo caption.  When initials only are shown, they are Esprit staff photographs.

We hope you enjoy this website and all the spectacular images that make it possible.

Elaine Baran
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Our Photographers

Arnold Caplan Helen Hasenfeld Meg Feemster Peter Davies Betsy Martin Richard Ross David Sand Dennis Lenehan Jesse Duff-McLarin