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Esprit's Own Greatest Travel Pro

In 2003, Nancy Craft was named to Conde Nast Traveler’s prestigious “Greatest Travel Pros on Earth,” list by Wendy Perrin. As a Japan travel expert, Nancy easily met Ms. Perrin’s requirement that those named to the list have extensive first-hand knowledge of the destination, as she lived in Kyoto for six years. While there, she studied various Japanese arts and became knowledgeable about the culture, history, arts, crafts, cuisine, and aesthetic influences of Japan. Today she puts this knowledge to use as a Japan travel expert planning custom tour itineraries that allow travelers to experience Japan and Asia in deeply personal ways that match their interests. If her client is interested in textiles, she knows just the shops, workshops, flea markets, and galleries to plan into their custom tour itinerary. If they want to experience the traditional cuisines of Japan, she arranges for a cutting-edge sushi demonstration by a top chef, a visit to an out-of-the-way noodle shops that offers the best soba in Kyoto, and a sake tasting. If they want to explore contemporary Japanese art and perhaps add to their collections, she knows the galleries, workshops, and artists to visit. In fact, no matter what a group’s particular interests may be, they are guaranteed an enlightening journey from Nancy and Esprit’s travel planning staff.

Nancy has been designing custom tour itineraries and leading tours to Japan since 1999, and has designed many of Esprit’s tours to Japan. She says, “I love showing people the wonderful art of Japan: the beautiful gardens, the quirky culture, and how the arts and culture interrelate.”  She adds, “I initially went to Japan to live there for one year and study indigo dying, but ended up staying for six years, studying dyeing, weaving, papermaking, printmaking and more.”

Today, outside of her work creating custom tour plans, she continues to create and exhibit her artwork in Telluride, Colorado. Fortunately for Esprit’s travelers, she brings an artist’s sensibilities and creativity to every journey she creates. Nancy has a B.A. degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado. Aside from her interest in the arts, she is also an ardent environmentalist involved in projects like preserving open spaces.

Nancy can be found on a curated list of travel planners at Custom Travel Planners Network.

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Nancy Craft

I love helping people experience the wonderful arts and artists of Japan, the beautiful gardens, quirky culture and how the arts and culture interrelate.”