Itinerary – Ceramics Intensive

Thursday, February 12  Depart for Japan on your individually arranged flight to Osaka

Friday, February 13 Arrive Japan

Arrive Osaka Kansai airport.  You will be met and transferred by reserved van shuttle to the Royal Park THE Kyoto hotel in Kyoto, our well-located tour hotel and convenient to public transport.
Overnight:  Royal Park THE Kyoto
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch

Saturday, February 14 Kyoto

Start the day in Eastern Kyoto with a visit to Robert Yellin’s Yakimono Gallery for our first in-depth discussion of the world of Japanese ceramics and some of the artists that we will be visiting during our tour.  From there, we will travel to visit a few artists in the Kyoto area who have not been visited on our previous Ceramics of Japan tour.
Overnight:  Royal Park THE Kyoto
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch

Sunday, February 15 Gifu

Today we start our travels through Japan with Rob Yellin and Keiko.   First we go to the Gifu region to start the in-depth exploration of ceramics with a visit to the studio and kilns of some local ceramic artists.  Start with a visit to the Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, and the Gifu Prefectural Ceramic museum.   After lunch, continue on to visit one or two ceramic artists.   End the day at our delightful ryokan where we will enjoy a full kaiseki meal and onsen bathing.
Overnight:  Ryozan Ryokan
Meals included: Breakfast, dinner

Monday, February 16 Gifu/Nagoya

Mino province was once the name of the area located in southern Gifu Prefecture and now Mino refers to a variety of pottery styles which are: Shino, Oribe (these two have many sub-styles), ki-Seto (yellow Seto) and Seto-guro (black Seto) and are known for their fantastic glazes.  Rob will lead us on an exploration of the various styles as we continue touring the Gifu area today with additional studio and kiln visits in Tajimi and Toki.  End the day in Nagoya at a conveniently located hotel.
Overnight:  Marriott Associa Nagoya
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch

Tuesday, February 17  Tokoname

Today we travel by train to the nearby town of Tokoname for a visit to the Tokaname Ceramic Art Institute.  Tokoname, one of Japan’s Six Old Kilns, is a high-fired ash-glazed ware made in Aichi Prefecture (in the region formerly known as Sanage). It originated sometime in the 9th century. Visits to ceramic artists and potters in the area.  Return to Nagoya at the end of the day.
Overnight; Marriott Associa Nagoya
Meals included: Breakfast

Wednesday, February 18  Tokyo

Travel by Shinkansen (bullet) train today to Tokyo where we will visit museums and current exhibitions (based on calendars). 
Overnight; Royal Park THE Shiodome
Meals included: Breakfast

Thursday, February 19 Mashiko

Travel via coach today to nearby Tochigi prefecture to tour Mashiko ceramics village.  This small village is the home of the Mashiko-yaki, a folkware and best known for product and home of Shoji Hamada. Visit the Mashiko Reference Collection Museum in addition to the numerous shops and potters in the area.  
Overnight; Forrest Inn
Meals included: Breakfast

Friday, February 20 Kusama

Travel to nearby Kasama to visit the Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum and learn about Kasama pottery. While there is nothing that can really be called pure Kasama-yaki these days, Rob will introduce you the wide range of ceramics being created in the area and show how they relate to other famous kiln areas, such as Shigaraki and Seto.   Follow the visit with stops at one or two contemporary ceramics artists in the area.  End the day in Tokyo with a farewell dinner.
Overnight; Royal Park THE Shiodome
Meals included: Breakfast

Saturday, February 21 Depart Japan on your individually arranged flights

Transfer by Airport Limousine Bus service to the Tokyo international airport of your choice.
Included meals: Breakfast


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