Planning Your Trip

Esprit Travel & Tours assists you to plan your customized group trip to Japan with the utmost of care and logistical expertise.  We work with you and your group members to create a magical journey that will exceed your expectations for easy travel, the right accommodations, exploration of your interests and a meaningful experience of the culture, people and places you visit.

The process follows several phases, beginning with trip creation.  By phone and e-mail, we will discuss the type of trip and services you're looking for, including travel dates, travel style preferences, budget, special needs and interests.  In addition to determining your group’s needs we will also help educate you about some of the wonderful experiences available in Japan as well as the realities of travel logistics while in the country with a group.

Our next step is to start developing an itinerary to meet your special interests and to form the basis for your promotion to your group.  This itinerary will lay out suggested destinations, accommodations, travel plans and other services, ranging from spectacular private dinners on cliffs overlooking the Inland Sea to intimate meetings with a Living National Treasure to learn the intricacies of an art practiced for a lifetime.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the “Esprit team”. Not only were all of you wonderful on site, but Nancy Craft also proved to be a tremendous asset to me throughout the planning stages of our program. She was so attentive to every detail and worked with me intensely many months prior to the trip departure to tailor the program to our many needs. – Museum Collectors Circle Manager

The estimated cost for a tour is developed through careful consultation with you to meet your group’s needs in the most economical way possible.  We offer a range of hotels and travel styles to suit every budget, from modest hotels and tours with limited destinations and travel to the most premier hotels and deluxe travel arrangements throughout.

Finally, once the tour creation in complete, we move to writing a contract, assisting you to plan you marketing, managing your groups’ sign-ups and culminating in an amazingly detailed itinerary for your tour members. 

Our Frequency Asked Question (FAQ) section can provide a more in-depth understanding of the various parts of the process.



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