Japanese Garden Tour

This May 16-26, 2017, join Esprit Travel on a magical garden tour of Japan.  Our primary focus will be one of Japan’s most charming cities, Kyoto, and its many spectacular gardens.  We will also journey a little further afield, with day trips outside of Kyoto to visit Kanazawa’s famed Kenroku-en garden as well as gardens and picturesque countryside outside Kyoto, in Ohara.  We will give you a context for understanding Japanese gardens by introducing you to the culture, crafts, neighborhoods, people and history that make Kyoto such a treasure.

  • Get an education in Japanese landscape design–from sand and stone meditation gardens to more contemplative settings with water features, from strolling gardens to scroll gardens seen from a sitting position, and more.
  • Learn how gardens and landscape design play a part in day-to-day life in Japan
  • Visit the famous Moss Temple Garden as well as a private 200-year old villa
  • Enjoy a walking tour of the centuries’ old wooden Gion Geisha district
  • Visit Kenroku-en strolling garden in Kanazawa, one of Japan’s three famous large strolling parks from the feudal era
  • Enjoy private meetings with talented residents of Kyoto, from artisans to warm and welcoming Buddhist monks
  • Stroll through charming neighborhoods
  • Enjoy a thought-provoking introduction to Buddhism and Shinto

Experience a variety of Japanese cuisine, including seasonal favorites. 

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