Japan: Cuisine and Culture Food Tour

In May 2017, join Esprit's Japan Food Tour with Andrew Bender, one of Esprit’s top tour leaders – and a travel and food writer – on a journey through Japanese food ways. Through culinary hotspots of Tokyo, Kanazawa, Kyoto and Osaka, we’ll explore famed public markets and restaurant supply districts, learn the art of Japanese home-style cooking, tour a green tea plantation, explore the sake making – and tasting – process, and sample delicacies from Kaga-style cooking on the coast of the Sea of Japan to Japan’s renowned wagyu beef.

On this Japan Food tour, you'll learn that from sushi to noodles, humble bento lunches to grand kaiseki dinners, Japanese cuisine has flavors, aesthetics and history all its own. We’ll experience it up close and personally through market adventures, cooking classes, farm visits and specially arranged meals spanning homestyle, everyday fare to some of Japan’s most renowned restaurants.

Along the way, we will also experience the culture that makes Japan unique: ancient Shinto tradition to cutting-edge contemporary architecture, learning the Way of Tea and touring exquisite gardens, the path of the samurai, the ultra-modern Shinkansen bullet train and the neon-lit futuristic streetscapes of Osaka.

Your Japanese Food tour leader, Andrew Bender, writes the Seat 1A travel site for Forbes.com, and his annual list of food and restaurant trends has become required reading in the hospitality industry. He has also written multiple guidebooks to Japan for Lonely Planet and is a frequent contributor to publications including the Los Angeles Times and in-flight magazines.

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