Participant Visits

Whether your interest is Hiroshige, yakishime ceramics, the architecture of I.M. Pei and Takamatsu, weaving studios in Kyoto, Kabuki theater, cuisine, Noh mask making, garden temples, shakuhachi flute, Buddhism, rural life or history, Esprit can create a spectacular tour for your group. Your group will have the opportunity to gain a real education in its areas of interest through meetings with Japanese artists, craftspeople and experts in the centuries-old culture and customs of Japan. You’ll be amazed how warmly and openly you’ll be welcomed into the homes, studios and gardens of these people, but that’s just part of traveling with Esprit. We are dedicated to showing your group the very best of Japan in ways that let each person feel, touch, listen and explore for themselves, seeing Japan not as tourists, but as unique individuals.

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