Contemporary Artists

The Japanese have always honored their artists, those that practice the traditional arts that form the foundation of their culture and the contemporary artists who expand that foundation. Many of the contemporary artists of Japan incorporate new techniques and approaches into their expression while still using the most ancient art forms and materials available. As with the traditional arts, there is a reverence for mastery of art — whether it is the unique use of washi paper, new forms of pottery, basket-weaving raised to a new level of abstraction or multi-media pieces viewed in the architectural splendor of the Miho Museum or Benesse House.
While Japan’s sensei are at the heart of Esprit’s artistry tours, we also take time to explore and become familiar with contemporary artists in our effort to fully immerse ourselves in the culture. Esprit’s tour leaders are knowledgeable about Japan’s current arts scene and keep up with new developments in that field.

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