Classic Japan Custom Tour Itinerary

For those looking not just for a tour of Japan, but a genuine experience of its people and ways, traditions and rhythms, style and culture, arts and crafts, this journey could be the perfect choice. By strolling through neighborhoods, taking local trains, walking ancient pathways, boarding the subway, and experiencing the Shinkansen (bullet train) we will enter into the day-to-day life of Japan and its people. From the gardens and temples of Kyoto to ancient samurai homes in Kanazawa and ultra-modern neighborhoods in Tokyo, we will explore all of Japan's many moods and styles firsthand.

Along the way, we'll meet artists and abbots, see the Geisha of Gion and the glitz of Ginza, stroll gardens and bamboo forests, and most of all, let the beauty of Japan reveal itself. From a perfectly sunlit maple tree to tea leaves drifting to the bottom of a handcrafted cup, each moment will offer up an experience for those walking the paths of Japan on this special journey.

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