Japan Travel Ideas

Thousands of pages of guide books have been written on all there is to see and do in Japan. We have no desire to try to recreate all the Japan travel ideas and content here, but we do like to offer our independent, custom tour clients some suggestions for them to consider when starting to plan their journey.

Our custom travel planners work with you directly to choose the best destinations, sites and visits during your limited time in Japan. We know that you are spending a lot of time and energy and money to create a wonderful trip and our aim is to assist you making wise choices.

Everything went so smoothly. We managed all of the train connections, takkyubin and ryokans thanks to your great planning. We loved the ryokans, Benesse House, the cherry blossoms in Kanazawa, the trains, Kyoto, the food, the friendly people, your two guides, the shrines, the outdoor museum in Hakone – everything! I’ve asked myself a couple of times, “Knowing what I know now, what would I have planned differently?” The answer is: Not a thing! It was terrific and we were very appreciative of your efforts. -Natalie V.

Japan is a land of many broad strokes of culture and history. We feel that you are choosing Esprit to help you sort through the many options in a coherent fashion to craft the perfect journey for you. We carefully review your needs, special interests, timing, budget and a myriad of factors when we make specific suggestions for you. But we also want you to know some of the wonderful places and experiences that we recommend in Japan. Your tour planner will tell you why we recommend it for you – but you can also let us know what interests you as a way of starting the conversation.

Each of these travel suggestions pages has a very short description of some of the wonderful sites and visits that are available in some of the primary tourist areas of Japan. Whether it's Kyoto (the traditional and spiritual heart of Japan), Tokyo (the contemporary capital) or one of the many small towns and villages, we endeavor to bring each destination to life by helping you to immerse yourself in the culture. We also do many complicated itineraries that include places that are 'off-the-beaten track' and are not shown on these suggestion lists. Please call us to ask more about these special places.

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