Planning Your Independent Japan Travel

When planning your independent custom tour to Japan, Esprit works with you to create a magical journey that will exceed your expectations for easy travel, the right accommodations, exploration of your interests and a meaningful experience of the culture, people and places you visit. The process will follow several steps, to ensure that your needs are being met.


First, by phone or e-mail, we will discuss the type of trip and services you're looking for, including travel dates, travel style preferences, budget, special needs and interests. Based on this information, we create an initial "sketch" itinerary for your independent Japan travel tour, outlining destinations, a route, modes of travel recommended, types of accommodations and other services we can provide. These services include making theater, restaurant and cultural event reservations; arranging introductions and local guides; and suggesting special events, festivals and shows you might want to see.

During our stay, we encountered a tour guide leading a small group and he was curious how we found what was a very special, off-the-beaten track place. He was impressed that we were doing the trip on our own, with only very basic Japanese. We told him we owed it to you. - Richard and Margaret F.

After getting your feedback on this initial itinerary, revisions or additions are made as necessary. With this completed, an estimated cost is calculated and provided for your review. The estimated cost will include the services selected, which may include hotels, transportation, guides, tours and events, as well as our tour planning fees.


Once the "sketch" itinerary of your independent Japan travel tour meets your satisfaction, we will begin making all necessary arrangements, including reservations. A $500 per-person non-refundable deposit is required at this point, and this will be applied toward your final bill. Once we receive confirmations from hotels and other service providers, we will provide you with the final price for your trip. If we are unable to confirm the hotels or services you have selected, we will discuss alternatives with you and find options that meet your needs.

After we receive you deposit, we will send a travel packet with a copy of the "sketch" itinerary we have agreed upon. We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance, and would be happy to provide you information on several different providers.


This payment is due either 60 days before your departure or immediately, if you will be traveling in less than 60 days. The final cost for your trip will be based on the current yen exchange rate. A fluctuation up or down of more than one point in the current yen rate from the day your final invoice is provided to you until the day we receive your payment will result in an adjustment to your final cost.


After receiving your final payment, Esprit will prepare a detailed custom itinerary for you that will help you prepare for your trip and keep you relaxed, organized and informed while traveling. It will include all accommodations and meals included; transfer and transportation information; directions and sightseeing information; helpful tips on local customs and services; historical, cultural and artistic highlights on your destinations; contact information and reservations. Maps, necessary vouchers and confirmations will arrive along with your custom itinerary approximately two weeks prior to your departure.


An Esprit representative is available to help with any questions or needs that may arise during your travels.


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