Individuals: Independent Japan Tours

Esprit Travel and Tours offers custom independent Japan tours and a range of services for individuals, families and small private parties planning travel to Japan.
Some travelers prefer the ease and security of traveling with a small group of like-minded individuals on a fully-escorted tour through Japan, where issues of language, logistics, destinations, private visits and special needs are all taken care of by the tour company.  For these travelers, Esprit offers a very limited number of specialized tours from time-to-time that are designed based on demand and interests expressed through our inquiries.  For more information on any escorted tours currently on offer, please check our "Escorted Tour" section.

Independent travel is a great choice for many travelers so we offer independent japan tours that are customized just for you.  Perhaps touring with a group isn’t your style. 
It was such a pleasure to spend the day with our guide as he so graciously introduced us to some of his local friends whom we were honored to meet and who we parted with having gained invaluable insights regarding the Japanese culture, their traditions, their work ethic and most importantly the enviably balanced relationship they have to nature and spirituality.-Dinah & Nidal E.
Maybe you’ve built confidence by traveling with an Esprit tour group and now you’re ready to head out on your own.  Maybe you are traveling with your own "group" – a multi-generational family or a party of a few friends.  Or your custom group tour is everything you hoped it would be… except there’s one more special destination you’d still like to see before heading home.  Whatever draws you to the idea of an independent trip, or side trip, Esprit’s travel planners are ready to create a rewarding and memorable journey in Japan for you.   Please contact us directly or read more about “Custom Tour Planning”.


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