Japan Ceramics and Crafts Tour


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On this Japan ceramics tour, we'll discover the beauty of both the incredible ceramics and lush countryside of southern Japan. Joining us as a guest lecturer on this in-depth study tour will be Robert Yellin, one of the foremost experts on Japanese ceramics. Between Robert and the many skilled potters we'll meet, expect to return home having received a real education in ceramics, from mingei pottery to high-fired, low-fired, glazed and ash-glazed yakishime.

We'll visit the great pottery centers of Kyoto, Shigaraki, Bizen, Karatsu and Hagi, exploring the unique styles of each, and learning about traditional and contemporary ceramics. Throughout the tour we will have many opportunities to be guests in potter's studios, where we'll hear about their lives and their art. We will also have a chance to see the work of various other craftspeople and to enjoy the mastery of these artists.

We'll travel Japan's rugged hills and lush valleys, which are studded with thousands of puffing, glowing kilns, producing the beautiful ceramics the region is well-known for.  On this deluxe Japan ceramics tour we'll visit small towns full of artisans still working with traditional materials in both ancient and innovative ways. And all along the way, we'll immerse ourselves in the sights, sounds, flavors and feel of Japan, meeting artists, craftspeople and storytellers, traveling as the Japanese do and staying at outstanding inns.

  • Travel with renowned ceramics expert Robert Yellin and learn about different styles of Japanese ceramics as you visit the studios and kilns that produce them
  • Be the guest of artists, potters, restaurateurs and a convivial temple abbot in their homes and studios
  • Learn not only about Japanese ceramics, but also the history, culture and arts that have shaped the exquisite Japanese aesthetic
  • Experience Japan's cities and rural towns, from mystical Kyoto to bustling Osaka, historic kiln town Hagi and seaside Karatsu
  • Journey through the tantalizing world of Japanese cuisine
  • Accommodations for each night in the countries visited (based on twin occupancy)
  • Stroll through charming neighborhoods where the traditional and contemporary co-exist in unique and appealing ways


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