Sample Itineraries

These itineraries of past tours are provided to give you a flavor of the places and people we visit, where we stay, how we travel and what we experience. Because each Esprit tour is individually crafted, your custom group tour may not include the exact same schedule, but will be very similar to what you see here. Each tour is designed to allow us to include as many special events, personal visits with artisans, seasonal festivals, and performances as possible.  We invite you to read through this wide range of itineraries to sample some of the intriguing tours that can be custom designed for your group.

Traditional Arts and Contemporary Fine Crafts – This custom tour was created for a museum group very interested in the traditional and contemporary fine crafts of Japan, both as enthusiasts and collectors. The carefully crafted itinerary allowed them to meet many Japanese artists one-on-one, in their studios and homes.

Kyoto: The Ancient Capital – By concentrating on Kyoto for the entire tour, we’re able to have a hands-on experience of the artistry, richness and depth of traditional Japanese culture that few foreign visitors even dream of.

Expressions of Japan – From the gardens and temples of Kyoto to ancient samurai homes in Kanazawa and ultra-modern neighborhoods in Tokyo, we will explore all of Japan’s many moods and styles firsthand.

Ceramics and Crafts – On this journey discover the beauty of both the incredible ceramics and lush countryside of southern Japan. Joining us as a guest lecturer on this in-depth study tour is one of the foremost experts on Japanese ceramics.

Textiles of Japan – Not only will you meet privately with a number of Esprit’s friends who are traditional textile craftspeople, you’ll also explore the gardens, temples and neighborhoods of Japan, coming to know and appreciate the personality of this country where the textile arts have flourished for centuries.

The sample itinerary on these pages are for custom group tours focused on the crafts of Japan, we occasionally offer similar tours to the public from time to time. Please see our Escorted Tours page for tours currently being offered.



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