Our Philosphy

With Esprit, you’ll be immersed in the culture of the places you visit, and experience special places and people unknown to tourists. You’ll meet the artists, craftspeople, Buddhist monks and Shinto priests, gardeners and storytellers who are the lifeblood of Japan’s rich cultures and the cherished friends of Esprit’s tour leaders and staff. You’ll be invited into homes, temples, studios and gardens not open to the public, and greeted as an honored guest. Every step of the way, you’ll be regaled by a tour leader or private guide whose knowledge, insight, charm and thoughtfulness may surprise you at first, but will quickly become a highlight of your journey.

For our private group tours, you will find Esprit tour leaders who have all lived, studied and worked in Japan and who each have a deep expertise and connection to the country. Your Esprit tour leader is someone who can take you off a train platform, into a small village, down an alley and through a hidden door into a beautiful garden, taking an experience that is already beautiful and make it magical, memorable and personal.

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